"Dr. Jake has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery. In 1984 I had melanoma skin cancer that required surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon unnecessarily removed muscle that has resulted in a severe gait problem. Without Dr. Jake, I am not sure if I would be walking today. I cannot fully express my gratitude for Dr. Jake taking me under his wing after so many doctors had abandoned me."

Liz L.
(Hamstring, Neck & Hip Pain)

Massage offers many tangible health benefits that relieve pain, stiffness, chronic muscle tension, and stress. But what some may not know is it is proven to lower blood pressure, enhance immunity, improve circulation and much more.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Manual Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, massage technique that stimulates receptors in the tissues to encourages the natural flow of the lymphatic system. It consists of slow, rhythmical movements of the skin and is very gentle. General benefits of receiving MLD include relaxation, easing of pain, reduced edema and inflammation.

Common patholgies treated with MLD: edema (swelling of tissue), infammation, pain, wound healing, pre/post-surgery, digestive issues, shoulder/neck trauma, colds, acne, tinnitus, sprains, strains, CRPS, arthritis, weight loss, and much more.


Deep Tissue Massage
Using a series of deep compressions, slow, constant pressue is applied to muscle tissue to help release chronic muscular tension, soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Due to the specific nature of this bodywork, sessions target one or two areas of the body. No oil or lotion is used.



Circulatory (Swedish) Massage
A therapeutic style of bodywork, this modality uses oil or lotion applied to the skin with varying degrees of depth to the body to help promote general relaxation, improve blood circulation and assist with the lymphatic system in cleansing the body of toxins.




Sports Massage/Trigger Point Therapy
A form of massage that focuses on muscle groups associated with specific activities to help alleviate pain and encourage proper fluid movement. By combining circulatory, deep tissue, deep transverse friction and trigger point therapy this therapeutic massage can help restore peak performance.